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Leezole-vg Softgel 30 Capsules

  • Packaging Size 3 Vaginal Suppository in 1 strip
  • Brand Leezole VG Vaginal Softgel Capsule
  • Composition Clindamycin (100mg) + Clotrimazole (200mg)
  • Treatment Syndromic treatment of vaginal discharge


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Leezole VG Vaginal Softgel Capsule is a medication used to treat vaginal infections that cause discharge. It works by combining an antibiotic and an antifungal medication to fight off the microorganisms causing the infection.

To ensure safe and effective use, it’s important to follow your doctor’s instructions or the information on the label carefully. Leezole VG is for vaginal use only. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after inserting the capsule. Applying it at bedtime is generally recommended for best results. If the medication accidentally gets in your eyes or mouth, rinse them with water immediately. Even if your symptoms improve, it’s crucial to complete the entire course of treatment to ensure the infection is fully cleared.

Leezole VG may cause some mild burning or irritation at the application site. If these side effects become bothersome or worsen, talk to your doctor. In the case of a more serious allergic reaction, such as rashes, itching, swelling, or trouble breathing, seek immediate medical attention.

Before using Leezole VG, it’s important to inform your doctor about any existing medical conditions or medications you’re taking. While external medications like Leezole VG typically don’t interact with other drugs, it’s always best to be upfront with your doctor for safety reasons. If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or allergic to Leezole VG, consult your doctor before using this medication.

Maintaining good personal hygiene practices can help speed up your recovery during treatment. This includes wiping from front to back, wearing cotton underwear, bathing daily, and avoiding douches, sprays, or deodorized products in the vaginal area. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor.

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