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Fujigraf Tacrolimus 2mg Capsule

  • Product Name Fujigraf 2
  • Composition Tacrolimus
  • Dose/Strength 2mg
  • Form Capsules
  • packaging Size 6×10 Tablets


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Fujigraf 2mg Capsule is prescribed, often in combination with other medications, to prevent the rejection of newly transplanted organs such as liver, kidney, or heart. Classified as an immunosuppressant, it weakens the immune system, reducing the likelihood of the body attacking the new organ.

Dosage and Administration:
The dosage of Fujigraf 2mg Capsule, and the frequency of administration, depends on factors like the type of transplant, body weight, and concurrent medications. It is crucial to adhere to the doctor’s advice, taking the capsule on an empty stomach at least an hour before or two hours after a meal. Consistent intake, even if feeling better, is essential to prevent transplant rejection.

Indication and Benefits:
Fujigraf 2mg Capsule is indicated for preventing organ rejection in transplant patients. Belonging to the immunosuppressant class, it works to minimize the body’s immune response against the transplanted organ, increasing the chances of a successful transplant when used in conjunction with other medications.

Common Side Effects:
Most side effects are transient and do not necessitate medical intervention. Common side effects include diarrhea, increased blood glucose levels, thirst, kidney and liver damage, nausea, and stomach pain.

How Fujigraf 2mg Capsule Works:
As an immunosuppressive drug, Fujigraf 2mg Capsule suppresses the immune system following organ transplant, allowing the body to accept the new organ without rejection.


Alcohol: Unsafe to consume while on Fujigraf 2mg Capsule.
Pregnancy: Seek advice from the doctor as it is likely unsafe.
Breastfeeding: Potentially harmful to the infant; consult the doctor.
Driving: Unsafe; may impair alertness and cause dizziness.
Kidney: Use with caution; dosage adjustment may be necessary.
Liver: Use with caution; dosage adjustment may be required.
Tips and Packing:

Organ transplant patients can take Fujigraf 2mg Capsule to prevent rejection.
If a dose is missed, take it as soon as remembered or skip if nearing the next scheduled dose.
The medication may take 3 to 4 months to show its effects; continue as directed.
Regular blood tests are essential for monitoring blood cell count.
Kidney function should be monitored regularly; maintain adequate hydration.
Consult the physician before discontinuing Fujigraf 2mg Capsule.
Each strip contains 10 capsules.


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